Wheelbolt Indicators

Wheelbolt Indicators

You have seen them on trucks and now you purchase them for your Caravan. Fits all Alko or BPW standard bolts.

They are especially designed for Alloy Wheels and have a unique registered design to enable you to see immediately if your wheelbolts become loose.

Available in the following:

Wheelbolt Indicators 10 x 19mm (will fit 19 mm hexagon)

Product Code: 3759

Wheelbolt Indicators 10 x 17mm (will fit 17mm hexagon)

Product Code: 4244

Wheelbolt Indicators 10 x Bailey

Product Code: 4251

Whenever your vehicle is serviced, it is important that you follow the manufactures instructions and re-torque the wheels nut/bolts periodically, in strict accordance with the manufactures instructions before fitting the wheelbolt indicators.

Periodically check your wheels to ensure there has been no movement of the wheelbolt which is easily shown by the directional arrow on the wheelbolt indicator.

Important. Safety Critical. Caution Risk of Injury.

Always ensure your wheels are correctly torqued to the vehicle manufactures instructions before fitment.

Always use original equipment quality wheel nuts/bolts. Never use modified or extended wheel bolts due to the risk of wheel detachment.