Torque Wrench Safety Kits

Torque Wrench Safety Kits

A major issue for any caravan user is the risk of caravan wheels working loose and detaching from the vehicle, resulting in potential catastrophic damage or severe injury.

This is an essential piece of safety equipment for anybody who tows or drives a recreational vehicle. This enables the user to correctly torque the caravan wheels to the manufacturers specification and to maintain that torque at the correct level to prevent the wheel nuts or bolts working loose.

The kit contains a 19mm and a 21mm socket and is supplied with wheel nut indicators, when attached these give a visual indication if any wheel nuts have worked loose.

Torque Wrench Safety Kit (with 19mm wheel nut indicators for most UK caravans)

Product Code: 2868

Bailey version also available (with wheel nut indicators for Bailey wheels)

Product Code: 2875

Wheel Nut Indicators are also sold separately

Whenever your vehicle is serviced, it is important that you follow the manufactures instructions and re-torque the wheels nut/bolts periodically in strict accordance with the manufactures instructions.

Drive Size: 1/2

Range: 28-210 NM

Kit includes:
Torque Wrench
Correctly sized caravan wheel nut sockets
Extension Bar
20 Wheel Nut Indicators

3 Year warranty included

Important. Safety Critical. Caution Risk of Injury.

Always ensure your wheels are correctly torqued to the vehicle manufactures instructions.

Always use original equipment quality wheel nuts/bolts. Never use modified or extended wheel bolts due to the risk of wheel detachment.