Quality Motorhome Locking Wheel Nuts specifically made for Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer & Citroen Relay. M14 Standard. Code 1915 -- M16 Maxi. Code 1922

Motorhome Locking Wheel Nuts

Cost efficient yet precision made, Locking Wheel Nuts from Milenco will protect your wheels from theft. These products known as locking wheel nuts are technically wheel bolts.

These bolts are very high security and cannot be broken by normal method of hammering a socket on.

Thatcham Approved

Please ensure you make a note of your key number.

Please measure diameter of your bolt to ensure you purchase correct locking wheel nuts.

If it is 14mm you need the 1915.

If it is 16mm then you require the 1922.

M14 Standard Chassis - Code 1915

Locking Wheel Nuts Motorhome (14mm Bolts) 15" Wheels, up to 2018 or Standard lightweight Chassis with 16" wheels post 2019.

Set of 4 complete with 1 key

Product Code: 1915

Fits all Peugeot Boxer/ Fiat Ducato 15" 2007-2015

2016 onwards fits all Non-maxis chassis 15" and 16"

M16 Maxi Chassis - Code 1922

Locking Wheel Nuts Motorhome (16mm Bolts) 16" Wheels, up to 2018 and all Maxi Chassis or Heavy Duty Chassis

Set of 4 complete with 1 key

Product Code: 1922

2007-2015 fits all Fiat Ducato/ Peugeot Boxer 16"

2016 onwards fits 16" Maxi chassis

M16 Maxi Chassis with 6 wheels - Code 1939

Set of 6 complete with 1 key

Product Code: 1939

Fits: Alloy and Steel wheels

Milenco Locking Wheel Nuts (Bolts) are manufactured to the same exacting standards as the original equipment.

These are friction coated to ensure they offer safe and secure performance.

These parts are safety critical, however you can trust Milenco to ensure the quality is correct.

Milenco Locking Wheel Nuts are insurance approved and approved by the professional Automotive Security testing organisation, Thatcham.

Please note: Fiat, Citroen and Peugeot use differing wheel bolts on their vehicle subject to wheel size or chassis duty. The Maxi Chassis has larger 16mm wheel bolts than standard Chassis (14mm). You need to know if your vehicle has a maxi chassis or not.

Pre 2018 just check your wheel size, if 15" wheels or 16" wheels before ordering.

Post 2018 you need to determine if it is a Maxi (heavy duty) or bolt size (14mm/16mm)

Important: Safety Critical : Always ensure you tighten the wheel bolts to the correct torque with a torque wrench. Failure to do so may result in serious injury or accident. Always consult your vehicle hand book for correct torque.