Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mirrors

  • What is Standard glass?

    The Standard glass in our mirrors is slightly convex which is the same as it is in your own car door mirrors. We recommend standard glass because it gives you the same view that you are used to when driving or reversing.

  • Should I have Flat or Standard Mirrors?

    Worldwide Milenco sell more Standard than flat Mirrors.

    In the UK there is an historical preference for buying Flat Mirrors as against Standard. We believe this date’s back to the time when other manufacturers standard mirror’s gave a severely distorted the view, making distance judgement difficult.

    Milenco Standard mirror’s have typically the same radius as 95% of car door mirror’s, they will give you the same field of view as you are used to.

    Flat Mirror’s will give a smaller field of view, than your car mirrors.

    Whichever Milenco Mirror you choose you will be getting the best quality and the best field of view possible, but if you ask us our opinion which is better, we would say Standard.

    Milenco mirrors have won every test of Mirrors globally since the mid 90’s, every Milenco mirror that has won these tests, has been Standard.

  • Will the Aero 4 Mirrors fit my Vehicle

    These Aero 4 Mirrors are engineered to fit all current (post 1995 - 2018) cars, 4x4's and vans.

    The only exceptions, where you will be required to purchase additional pads are as follows :

    Aero V Pads

    The Aero V Pads have a lip on them in order for them to fit on cars like the 2010 onwards Kia Sorento.

    Product Code: 3186

    Aero F Pads

    The Aero F Pads have twin grooves for enhanced grip on typically VW group cars (Audi, Seat and Skoda) post 2013.

    For the Vauxhall/Opel Astra 2016 models use the Aero 3 Mirrors and F Pads.

    Product code: 4664

    To purchase our Mirror spares see our online retailers.

    Aero LR Pads

    The Aero LR Pads fit all 2014 onwards Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover.

    They give an enhanced grip by keying in to the gap on the vehicle mirror (see images for fitment)

    Product Code: 4466

    Please note: that Aero 1 and Aero 2 were only engineered to fit vehicles available at the time of sale.

    Aero 1 will fit most vehicles made up to 2010

    Aero 2 will fit most vehicles made up to 2015

  • Where can I buy spares for my mirrors?

    They are available to buy from all caravan dealerships that stock Milenco products, please see a list of online retailers.

  • What mirrors are suitable for my vehicle?

    All our Aero 3 and Grand Aero 3 Mirrors have been tried and tested and will fit all vehicles at the time of writing (18/04/2016).

    Over the years the Aero Mirrors have been continuously updated to fit new vehicles as they are launched. For example the 2016 version of Aero Mirrors now fit the 2016 Range Rovers, Land Rovers and all BMW.

    Please see our Modification list on Aero 2 Mirrors which gives you a list of vehicles which may need modifying when using the Aero 2 Mirrors. Updated on November 2014.

  • Levelling

  • I have lost locking clips/bar/spring

    Please contact for spare parts.

  • Calibration - Milenco Nose-Weight Gauge

    To Calibrate your Nose-Weight Gauge send it back to Milenco Limited, Blackhill Drive, Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes MK12 5TS, with your contact details, please include your contact telephone number.

    The cost of this service will be £49.99 inc p&p

    Alternatively you may be able to have your Gauge calibrated at your local Trading Standards (Weights & Measures).

  • Security

  • Ace FAQ

    My key will not turn in the lock or only turns on quarter of a turn.

    Check you have the correct key.

    The correct key will not turn more than a quarter of a turn.

    Check the key is fully inserted into the lock. Turn clockwise as far as you can then applying pressure to the key rotate the key anti-clockwise. Repeat to ensure the key is fully inserted.

    The first quarter of a turn, simply aligns the wafers in the lock. The second quarter of a turn opens the lock.

    The correct key is fully inserted and still will not turn.

    Check that the Ace Lock has free movement through the wheel of the caravan. The same as when it was fitted.

    If the Ace lock body does not have free movement, the lock will not release until this free movement is restored.

    If your caravan has moved this applies a load to the lock, it is designed not to release to maximise security.

    Move the caravan back so that there is, free movement with the Yellow lock body.

    This may also be achieved with the corner steadies.

    As a guide you should be able to rotate the Ace, when fitted a minimum of 10 mm in either direction, subject to the aperture size in the wheel.

    Please remember that once your key has turned about half a turn you still need to physically pull the Wheel Clamp off the wheel.

  • What's the difference between SCM and Sold Secure

    Caravan Security Standards Explained

  • My High Security Lock will not unlock

    Please ensure that the key is inserted fully, if the key has not been fully inserted it may cause the pins inside to miss align.

    To ensure the pins are re aligned wiggle the key in and turn to the left and right until you can fully re insert the key, then you will be able to unlock by turning the key to the right.

  • Where can I get duplicate keys from?

    Original Wheelclamp: You can purchase 2 x keys direct from Milenco on 01908 220102 providing us with your key number (delivery will take 10 working days).

    If the key starts with the prefix T then you can purchase duplicate keys from Camlock Systems (01323 410996) and quote your key number, alternatively if you have lost all your keys but the clamp is unlocked you can purchase a new lock and 3 keys from Milenco 01908 220102.

    Compact Wheelclamp and Compact Plus: You can purchase 2 x keys direct from Milenco on 01908 220102 providing us with your key number (delivery will take 10 working days).

    Lightweight Wheelclamp: You can purchase 2 x blank keys direct from Milenco on 01908 220102 providing the letter prefix on the key (this would be either a V or L or a rounded top key).

    Security Hand Rail, Door Locks and Door Frame Locks: You can purchase 2 x blank keys direct from Milenco on 01908 220102 providing the letter prefix on the key (this would be either a V or L).

    New Heavy Duty Alko Albe Hitchlock and the Lightweight Hitchlock keys: You can purchase 2 x keys direct from Milenco on 01908 220102 providing us with your key number (delivery will take 10 working days).

  • How do I fit my Original Wheelclamp?

    Slide the Milenco front cover with top strap over the wheel in a horizontal position, avoiding the wheel arch of the vehicle.

    1. Rotate so that the top strap is over the centre of the wheel.
    2. Insert the right leg through the right side of the front cover, ensuring the rear leg goes behind the tyre.
    3. Insert the key and release the lock by rotating the key 180 degrees clockwise.
    4. Insert left leg through the left side of the front cover. (Note: Lower edge of left hand locking plate must insert over right hand locking plate.)
    5. Lock wheelclamp by rotating the key 180 degrees anti-clockwise, and then remove your key.

    To remove your Milenco wheelclamp insert key and turn 180 degrees clockwise, pull out left leg. Turn key 180 degrees anti-clockwise, remove key, pull out right leg.

    For Original Wheelclamp fitting video click here

  • Wraith Troubleshooting

    I’m having problems unlocking my Wraith

    To unlock the Wraith, insert the key and turn 150 degrees (a little under half a turn) clockwise. You can then pull the Wraith firmly from the wheel.

    When trying to unlock your Wraith, if you find that the key will only turn 90 degrees or less (quarter turn) clockwise, then there are a few simple steps to solve the problem.

    The first 90 degrees of the key turn is the alignment of the lock mechanism. The remainder of the turn rotates the inner lock barrel and unlocks the product.


    The first thing to check is that you definitely have the correct key, and that it is not mixed up with an alternative product. The Wraith key is a steel shaft, with a black plastic handle. One side will say ‘Milenco’, and the other will have your unique key code, made up of a letter followed by 4 numbers. Please note that some other Milenco products also have the same key design.

    If you are confident that you have the correct key, the next thing to ensure is that the Wraith is not trapped in position. You should be able to rotate the product up and down slightly. If you cannot do this, it is likely that the caravan/motorhome has moved and applied a load to the lock. It is then designed not to release in order to maximise security. Return the caravan/motorhome to the position it was in when the Wraith was fitted. This may mean rolling forwards/backwards slightly, or raising/lowering steadies. When the Wraith can be rotated, try again turning the key 150 degrees clockwise, and pulling firmly from the wheel.

    If the key will still only turn 90 degrees, then the key may not be fully inserted. There should be 8mm of the key shaft showing, between the face of the lock and the handle of the key. If there’s more than this, then the key is not engaging with all of the internal lock wafers. Turn the key clockwise as far as possible, then whilst gently pushing forwards, slowly turn the key anti-clockwise. Repeat this process a few times, with the aim being to line the key up with all the lock wafers, so that the key pushes a little further into the lock.

    With the key fully inserted, you should be able to turn 150 degrees clockwise, and pull the Wraith firmly from the wheel. The trick with this product is to be gentle, and to keep the key fully inserted whilst turning to lock the product. Only remove the key when you have turned it fully anti-clockwise. This ensures that the lock is lined-up and ready to be easily unlocked with the key.

    If you continue to have issues with the Wraith, please contact our technical department, by emailing or telephoning 01908 220102. Please send necessary photographs/videos to aid the support process.

  • Antennas

  • Power 900 Antenna - No power

    Please check your polarity in your caravan has been wired up correctly by someone qualified.

  • General

  • Where can I purchase Milenco products?

    You can purchase Milenco products from any of the online retailers listed on our website, click on your country flag or email for your local stockist, please advise us of the County / Country you reside in.