Award winning Wheelclamps

Milenco is the largest producer of Wheelclamps in Europe.

For over 20 years we have lead the market for Wheelclamps and Hitchlocks.

We have an unrivaled wealth of experience in engineering and design of mechanical security products specifically to thwart would be thieves. Milenco continuously research actual caravan thefts, then subsequently engineer and design new innovations in mechanical security. The development and continuous improvement of our products never stops.

Today, the vast majority of Wheelclamps sold in Europe, use technology or have been inspired by designs originally developed by Milenco. We don't make wheelclamps for anyone else, so be very careful of the inferior Chinese copies of our products.

The Original Wheelclamp is made in our factory in Milton Keynes and we are very proud that this product has won every attack test for over the past decade, with exceptional and unsurpassed attack resistance. Our wheelcamps are certified to far exceed Sold Secure Gold and are also approved to the world's highest accredited Caravan Security Standard SCM, TASS, SKG-IKOB MP03.