Compact C Caravan Wheelclamp

Compact C Caravan Wheelclamp

This is the lightest Wheelclamp to be accredited to the international standard Sold Secure Gold, SCM - MP03, KIWA and SKG - IKOB.

Please note that this wheelclamp is only suitable for caravans and not motorhomes.

Sold Secure is the toughest security rating

For security ratings explained click here

Exceptionally good value and offers by far the highest security at its price.

Unrivaled attack resistance.

Compact C Wheelclamp

Product code: 3520

Fits in under 20 seconds.

Fits all Alko and BPW chassis (all UK sold caravans over the past 20 years) Alloy and Steel wheels.

Simply hooks through the caravan chassis and then passes through the wheel and is locked by a ultra high security lock. Prevents movement of Caravan and rotation of wheel.

This is the most simplest and yet robust ways of securing your caravan. Offers very high security and does not invalidate caravan chassis warranty.

Fits caravans with a motor movers.

Complete with Storage bag and Alloy wheel adaptor.

Please ensure you make a note of your key number (there are no master keys if you lose them).

Award Winning

  • Caravan Trailer Gold
  • Secured By Design Label Circle2

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I get duplicate keys from?

    Original Wheelclamp: You can purchase 2 x keys direct from Milenco Outlet 01568 6620 444 providing them with your key number.

    If the key starts with the prefix T then you can purchase duplicate keys from Camlock Systems (01323 410996) and quote your key number, alternatively if you have lost all your keys but the clamp is unlocked you can purchase a new lock and 3 keys from Milenco Outlet on 01568 620 444 or

    Compact Wheelclamp and Compact Plus: You can purchase 2 x keys direct from Milenco Outlet on 01568 620 444 or

    Lightweight Wheelclamp: You can purchase 2 x blank keys direct from Milenco Outlet on 01568 620 444 or providing the letter prefix on the key (this would be either a V or L or a rounded top key).

    Security Hand Rail, Door Locks and Door Frame Locks: You can purchase 2 x blank keys direct from Milenco Outlet on 01568 620 444 or providing the letter prefix on the key (this would be either a V or L).

    New Heavy Duty Alko Albe Hitchlock and the Lightweight Hitchlock keys: You can purchase 2 x keys direct from Milenco Outlet on 01568 620 444 or providing them with your key number.

  • Wraith Troubleshooting

    Please note: If you have any issues unlocking/locking the product, please see our FAQs below. DO NOT FORCE THE KEY.

    I’m having problems unlocking my Wraith

    To unlock the Wraith, insert the key and turn 150 degrees (a little under half a turn) clockwise. You can then pull the Wraith firmly from the wheel.

    When trying to unlock your Wraith, if you find that the key will only turn 90 degrees or less (quarter turn) clockwise, then there are a few simple steps to solve the problem.

    The first 90 degrees of the key turn is the alignment of the lock mechanism. The remainder of the turn rotates the inner lock barrel and unlocks the product.


    The first thing to check is that you definitely have the correct key, and that it is not mixed up with an alternative product. The Wraith key is a steel shaft, with a black plastic handle. One side will say ‘Milenco’, and the other will have your unique key code, made up of a letter followed by 4 numbers. Please note that some other Milenco products also have the same key design.

    If you are confident that you have the correct key, the next thing to ensure is that the Wraith is not trapped in position. You should be able to rotate the product up and down slightly. If you cannot do this, it is likely that the caravan/motorhome has moved and applied a load to the lock. It is then designed not to release in order to maximise security. Return the caravan/motorhome to the position it was in when the Wraith was fitted. This may mean rolling forwards/backwards slightly, or raising/lowering steadies. When the Wraith can be rotated, try again turning the key 150 degrees clockwise, and pulling firmly from the wheel.

    If the key will still only turn 90 degrees, then the key may not be fully inserted. There should be 8mm of the key shaft showing, between the face of the lock and the handle of the key. If there’s more than this, then the key is not engaging with all of the internal lock wafers. Turn the key clockwise as far as possible, then whilst gently pushing forwards, slowly turn the key anti-clockwise. Repeat this process a few times, with the aim being to line the key up with all the lock wafers, so that the key pushes a little further into the lock.

    With the key fully inserted, you should be able to turn 150 degrees clockwise, and pull the Wraith firmly from the wheel. The trick with this product is to be gentle, and to keep the key fully inserted whilst turning to lock the product. Only remove the key when you have turned it fully anti-clockwise. This ensures that the lock is lined-up and ready to be easily unlocked with the key.

    If you continue to have issues with the Wraith, please contact our technical department, by emailing or telephoning 01908 220102. Please send necessary photographs/videos to aid the support process.

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This product has been extensively tested by both Milenco, Sold Secure, Tass formerly known as SCM and has passed and exceeded every test performed.

This is a very high security product, tested to a professional caravan security standards. The Sold Secure Gold and SCM, TASS, SKG-IKOB MP03 standards are the highest and only professional standards in the world for caravan security.

For security ratings explained please click here.