Sleep Safe Alarms

Sleep Safe Alarms

A highly effective, highly visible deterrent, designed to protect you and your family when you are sleeping in the Caravan or Motorhome.

Set comprises 6 x window and door alarms with visible flashing LEDs.

These can be fitted to your caravan or motorhome windows and doors for an instant warning against attempted break-ins.

Unauthorised access to your caravan or motorhome results in the 118 decibel alarm sounding.

Sleep Safe Alarms includes 6 x Alarms and connections

Product Code:2028

Sleep Safe Alarm Battery packs includes 18 batteries, to fit 6 alarms

Product Code: 2035

This alarm has been specifically designed to protect you in your caravan or motorhome and also to combat the problem of sleeping gas attacks that are becoming more common at Motorway services on mainland Europe. Also protects against other types of attacks and burglary on your caravan or motorhome. They can even be used to protect your children's windows from being inadvertently opened.

These alarm sets consist of individual alarms that can be used to protect all of your vulnerable doors and windows of your caravan or motorhome.

Importantly all of these alarm units have flashing LEDs so any would be attacker is deterred, as a very loud siren will sound attracting attention when anyone attempts to open a door or window.

These alarms are controlled by an integrated circuit, which flashes each LED every 10 seconds. After much research and development, Milenco discovered this was the optimum time for maximum battery life and reliability. The battery will last for more than 1000 hours, the equivalent of 120 nights of protection while you sleep.

These alarms do not detect gas but are used to deter a gas attack, as any would be attacker will not be able to enter the caravan or motorhome without the alarm sounding and gaining attention from surrounding campers.

Milenco do not sell gas detectors as these alone do not protect you from the affects of a gas attack, they merely warn you that you have been attacked whilst you are breathing in the noxious gas and suffering the effects.

Our philosophy is prevention is better than cure.