Giant Lattice Grip

Giant Lattice Grip Mat

When camping, park your tow car or recreational vehicle wheels on the grip mats for a swift drive away.

If you get stuck then these Giant Lattice Grip Mats can get you out of a muddy field unlike conventional Grip Mats.

This is a very heavy-duty extra large set of Grip Mats with a new unique innovative registered design.

They are designed to provide excellent performance in wet conditions.

The Lattice design allows them to be linked together without the need to be tied, offering superior grip along with unrivalled surface area.

Dimensions per mat: Length: 106cm Width: 33cm.

Product Code: 2905

Bags are available to be purchased from our online retailers: Product Code: 3827

Heavy Tread yet Lightweight

Mud Gripping Lattice Design

Super High Grip

Interlocking can be multi linked together

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