Aluminium Original Single Step

Aluminium Original Single Step

The key to Milenco Award Winning Steps, safety performance is the fact that the base is always larger than the top - ensuring the step cannot topple over under any circumstances. Each Step is designed so that it will NOT sink in to the ground or damage awning carpet.

Being constructed of aluminium, these steps are non-corrosive and considerably lighter compared to a equivalent sized steel step.

This has highly skid resistant five bar tread plate for maximum safety in both dry and wet conditions.

Aluminium Original Single Step

Product Code: 0307

All our steps meet strict safety guidelines (EN1645 and EN1646) to ensure criteria such as the ability to safely carry a load of 200KG and a tread that is non-slip, even when it is wet.


Tread Size 360mm x 210mm

Height: 220mm

Base dimensions: Width 530mm x Depth 440mm

Weight: 1.3KG

All of our Steps have been engineered and design to exceed the load and skid requirements of standards EN1645 and EN1646.

Milenco do not recommend the use of hand rails mounted to steps for safety reasons. Should you require a hand rail always mount it to the recreational vehicle body for maximum safety.

WARNING: Always take care when entering or entering or exiting the recreational vehicle, ensure step is securely located and safe before use.

CAUTION: Risk of injury. Never use a broken or damaged step.