Small Security 31 Hand Rail

Small Security 31 Hand Rail

This Hand Rail has a unique twin-locking design for ultimate security. In the open position, it offers a sturdy grab handle to help you get in and out of your recreational vehicle. High security twin locks with counter measures against bump keys.

This is the most robust and secure security hand rail on the market. A Very high quality rattle free design, utilising only the very best materials available.

This will lock across the door left, right and outwards as an access aid.

Please ensure you make a note of your key number.

Small Security 31 Hand Rail

Product Code: 5258

Hand Rail Mounting Kit

Product Code: 2653

This product bolts through the recreational vehicle wall.

For optional door frame mounting use Hand Rail Frame Mounting Kit 2653.

See below in downloads for pdf fitting instructions. Please note that

Professional fitment is recommend. If unsure consult with your local dealer.