Ball Weight Gauge - This is the best and most accurate, professional grade Ball Weight Gauge on the Market.

Ball Weight Gauge 400KG

This is the only Ball Weight Gauge approved and calibrated to the British standard for these instruments. It offers calibrated precision, accuracy, reliability and technical superiority over other Ball Weight Gauges. It has a clear large scale to ensure the precise and safe loading for this safety critical area, to ensure caravan stability when towing.

The Camping and Caravan Club conducted a study on Ball Weight Gauges and found them to be inaccurate and unreliable. They then approached Milenco and asked if we could produce a Ball Weight Gauge to the standard BS7961, which was written in 2004. At this time no one had produced a conforming gauge to the standard.

We conducted studies on the available Ball Weight Gauges and at best found them only accurate to within 2% but more concerning is that we found these Ball Weight Gauges often became ridiculously inaccurate with use.

400KG Ball Weight Gauge

Product Code: 3155

The Milenco Precision Calibrated Ball Weight Gauge has been manufactured using unique materials so that its calibration remains accurate even after 1000 uses. Other Ball Weight Gauges can be up to 70 kilos out after 1000 uses.

Another improvement we have made is that the scale is much clearer and goes up to 400 kilos and is accurate to within 8 kilos (as required by BS7961).

Further improvements include the fact we made the Ball Weight Gauge the same height as your caravan, so you do not need to block it up to use it.

We know this Gauge costs a few dollars more, but you are getting real value for money and something that works correctly, exactly to the standard.

We think this is far better than something that can be potentially dangerous, as you can end up with a low Ball Weight, which is the trend with the un-calibrated Ball Weight Gauges as the springs soften with use especially those using piano wire.

This is another safety product you can trust from Milenco.