Milenco Aero 4 Mirror

Milenco Aero 4 Mirror

For over 20 years Milenco towing mirrors have led the market, out performing all others in comparative product tests. The first Milenco Aero towing mirror was totally new for 2007. Every year since the mirror has been updated and improved to keep this product at the head of the market and able to fit 99% of cars.

For BMW X models, Range Rover, Land Rover we recommend the Aero Platinum or Grand Aero Platinum Mirrors.

This is the best-selling towing mirror in the worldwide market.

Aero 4 Mirrors are available in the following options:

Single Flat Product Code: 1588

Single Standard Product Code: 1595

Twin-pack Flat in carry-case Product Code: 1601

Twin-pack Standard in carry-case Product Code: 2899

Spare parts for our Mirrors are available to be purchased separately.

For Mirror fitting video click here

It has been designed to offer superior vision and a vibration free view far past your caravan. It also complies with the very latest International regulations, and far exceeds all legal requirements in every EU member state. This mirror also complies with the very latest pedestrian safety laws and is engineered to minimise injury in the event of an accident.

This is a very high quality product and is manufactured with the highest quality materials available. The mirror screws are high-grade stainless steel and turn in brass inserts that will never corrode. The mirror glass is chrome safety glass, which will offer extremely long life and will not discolour after a few years.

The unique and new clamping system (patented plus international patents pending) now on the Aero 4 Mirror is further improved to have much greater grip and improved fitment. The clamps will now fit on vehicles with compound tapered flanges on the vehicle mirror housing. These new clamps offer an outstanding and versatile system, which is engineered to fit 99% of current (post 1995) cars, 4x4's and vans. This system has easy to use thumb wheels on tilting axis, which enable the clamps to 'shape' to the contours of the vehicles mirror, allowing totally versatile fitting. Another innovation of this design is the upgraded gripper system, so you do not lose the grip pads. This design also does away with unreliable straps that transfer vibration.

The mirror head design (Registered Design) utilises airflow around your car to stabilise and balance the mirror head at speed. This mirror has been extensively tested at speeds up to 250kph (155 mph), to ensure that you get the best vision possible. This design also offers superior performance in high winds and the effect of passing large commercial vehicles has been minimised.

Should I have Flat or Standard Mirror’s ?

Worldwide Milenco sell more Standard than flat Mirrors.

In the UK there is an historical preference for buying Flat Mirrors as against Standard. We believe this date’s back to the time when other manufacturers convex mirror’s gave a severely distorted the view, making distance judgement difficult.

Milenco Standard Mirror’s have typically the same radius as 95% of car door mirror’s, they will give you the same field of view as you are used to when driving or reversing.

Flat Mirror’s will give a smaller field of view, than your car mirrors.

Whichever Milenco Mirror you choose you will be getting the best quality and the best field of view possible, but if you ask us our opinion which is better, we would say Standard.

Milenco mirrors have won every test of Mirrors globally since the mid 90’s, every Milenco mirror that has won these tests, has been Standard.

Should I have Standard or Extra Wide ?

Typically, our Extra Wide Mirrors are made for 2.5m (8 feet) Caravans, however if you have a narrow car, you may indeed need Extra Wide Mirrors with a 2.3m caravan.

We do see a lot of cars towing with mirrors, that are set too close to the vehicle body when in fact to be compliant with the law, the mirror head should be set out far enough to see fully down the side of the caravan. (see diagram)

As a simple test, if you look down the side of your caravan from the rear looking forward, you should be able to see the entire mirror head projecting outside either side of the caravan

Milenco make Mirrors with Standard Arms and Extra Wide Arms.

Everyone know the slogan “If you can’t see my mirrors I can’t see you”

This is a simple guide but if in doubt ask your Milenco dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a BMW X3/X5 2018-Present, which mirrors should I use?

    The BMW X3/X5 mirrors are particularly difficult mirrors to fit to. They are also extremely fragile. Do not overtighten the clamps. We understand BMW are aware of the issue.

    The best solution is to purchase either Aero Platinum 6606 or Grand Aero Platinum 6613. The unique clamp design is totally universal, and will provide the strongest grip and steadiest view of any towing mirror on the market for many years to come.

    Alternatively, if you already have Aero 3 or 4 mirrors, you can marginally improve the grip by purchasing F Pads 4664. If you have Aero 1 or 2 mirrors, you will need to replace your clamps with new Aero clamps 4589, or upgrade to the Platinum range.

  • Will the Aero 4 Mirrors fit my Vehicle

    These Aero 4 Mirrors are engineered to fit all current (post 1995) cars, 4x4's and vans.

    The only exceptions, where you will be required to purchase additional pads are as follows :

    Aero V Pads

    The Aero V Pads have a lip on them in order for them to fit on cars like the 2010 onwards Kia Sorento.

    Product Code: 3186

    Aero F Pads

    The Aero F Pads have twin grooves for enhanced grip on typically VW group cars (Audi, Seat and Skoda) post 2013.

    For the Vauxhall/Opel Astra 2016 models use the Aero 3 Mirrors and F Pads.

    Product code: 4664

    To purchase our Mirror spares see our online retailers.

    Aero LR Pads

    The Aero LR Pads fit all 2014 onwards Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover.

    They give an enhanced grip by keying in to the gap on the vehicle mirror (see images for fitment)

    Product Code: 4466

    Please note: that Aero 1 and Aero 2 were only engineered to fit vehicles available at the time of sale.

    Aero 1 will fit most vehicles made up to 2010

    Aero 2 will fit most vehicles made up to 2015

  • Where can I purchase Milenco products?

    You can purchase Milenco products from any of the online retailers listed on our website, click on your country flag or email for your local stockist, please advise us of the County / Country you reside in.

  • Where can I buy spares for my mirrors?

    They are available to buy from all caravan dealerships that stock Milenco products, please see a list of online retailers.

  • What mirrors are suitable for my vehicle?

    We recommend either of the new Platinum range; Aero Platinum (6606) or Grand Aero Platinum (6613). The unique, innovative clamp design is totally universal, and will provide the strongest grip and steadiest view of any towing mirror on the market.

    All our Aero 4 and Grand Aero 4 Mirrors have been tried and tested and will fit all vehicles at the time of writing (18/04/2016).

    Over the years the Aero Mirrors have been continuously updated to fit new vehicles as they are launched. For example the 2016 version of Aero Mirrors now fit the 2016 Range Rovers, Land Rovers and all BMW.

    Please see our Modification list on Aero 2 Mirrors which gives you a list of vehicles which may need modifying when using the Aero 2 Mirrors. Updated on November 2014.

The Law (Applicable Europe, Australia and USA)

This is a simple explanation. This is not a fully comprehensive explanation of the law for every country.

If your caravan is wider than your car, it is a legal requirement that you fit additional e-marked mirrors on both sides. In Europe and Australia, you must be able to see 4 metres out from either side of the caravan or trailer 20 metres behind the driver. In America you must be able to see 2.4 metres out from either side of the caravan or trailer, 10.7 metres behind the driver. Effectively both standards specifying the field of view are very similar and just describe it in different ways. What is common to the standard is it specifies a field view from a straight line parallel behind the caravan, or in other words you must be able to see down the side of the caravan. The simplest way to ensure you are legal is to ensure your Mirrors are wider than the caravan, so if you look from behind the caravan ensure you can see both mirrors sticking out.

Like the slogan says "if you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you" (and you are breaking the law).

If your car is fitted with door mirrors approved to UN46.2,46.3, or 46.4 (ADR14.2) was a new car after 26th January 2007, your towing mirrors may project up to 25 cm beyond the widest point of the caravan. For older cars, your mirrors may project up to 20cm.