Grand Falcon Towing Mirror

Grand Falcon Mirrors

The Grand Falcon Mirror offers a new design utilising a similar operation as the Milenco Grand Aero Mirror, but with using only a single thumb screw on each clamp for quick and easy fitting with a larger head, giving maximum field of view. Typically the larger field of view will show the roof, down to the wheels on the towed caravan/trailer.

Grand Falcon Mirror Twin Pack

Product Code: 4886

See also The Falcon Mirror

Product code: 3988

Spare parts for our Mirrors are available to be purchased separately

These are very High Quality Mirrors, engineered and designed to give the consumer a high quality alternative to market leading Grand Aero 3 Mirrors.

Fitting is extremely simple with a single screw that clamps both the car mirror and the arm at the same time.

All screws are stainless steel running in brass thread, these mirrors have perfect view adjustment, efficient and aero dynamic head, easy to grip thumb wheels and Milenco's unique air balanced design to stop vibration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I purchase Milenco products?

    You can purchase Milenco products from any of the online retailers listed on our website, click on your country flag or email for your local stockist, please advise us of the County / Country you reside in.

  • Where can I buy spares for my mirrors?

    They are available to buy from all caravan dealerships that stock Milenco products, please see a list of online retailers.

  • What mirrors are suitable for my vehicle?

    We recommend either of the new Platinum range; Aero Platinum (6606) or Grand Aero Platinum (6613). The unique, innovative clamp design is totally universal, and will provide the strongest grip and steadiest view of any towing mirror on the market.

    All our Aero 4 and Grand Aero 4 Mirrors have been tried and tested and will fit all vehicles at the time of writing (18/04/2016).

    Over the years the Aero Mirrors have been continuously updated to fit new vehicles as they are launched. For example the 2016 version of Aero Mirrors now fit the 2016 Range Rovers, Land Rovers and all BMW.

    Please see our Modification list on Aero 2 Mirrors which gives you a list of vehicles which may need modifying when using the Aero 2 Mirrors. Updated on November 2014.

The Law (Applicable Europe, Australia and USA)

This is a simple explanation. This is not a fully comprehensive explanation of the law for every country.

If your caravan is wider than your car, it is a legal requirement that you fit additional e-marked mirrors on both sides. In Europe and Australia, you must be able to see 4 metres out from either side of the caravan or trailer 20 metres behind the driver. In America you must be able to see 2.4 metres out from either side of the caravan or trailer, 10.7 metres behind the driver. Effectively both standards specifying the field of view are very similar and just describe it in different ways. What is common to the standard is it specifies a field view from a straight line parallel behind the caravan, or in other words you must be able to see down the side of the caravan. The simplest way to ensure you are legal is to ensure your Mirrors are wider than the caravan, so if you look from behind the caravan ensure you can see both mirrors sticking out.

Like the slogan says "if you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you" (and you are breaking the law).

If your car is fitted with door mirrors approved to UN46.2,46.3, or 46.4 (ADR14.2) was a new car after 26th January 2007, your towing mirrors may project up to 25 cm beyond the widest point of the caravan. For older cars, your mirrors may project up to 20cm.