Milenco Solar Charge by Optimate and maintain your recreational vehicle battery without mains power.

Milenco Solar by Optimate

Milenco Solar - using the power of the SUN

Milenco Solar is the world’s most efficient solar pulse charge system that can save/ protect your battery and provide safe long-term maintenance, even if there is no access to an AC supply.

Maintain, charge and desulphate your 12V battery effectively from a standard solar panel by converting low solar power into high current pulses. The OptiMate charge controller is separate to the panel so all processes can be followed easily from the led display.

  • Maintains battery without the need of an electricity main supply
  • Constantly analyses battery status and adjusts Pulse Charge accordingly

  • Optimised for long term maintenance on all 12V leisure batteries

  • No need for battery removal

  • No risk of overheating or overcharging

  • Totally safe for vehicle electronics

  • Extra length charging lead for roof to battery box connection

  • 3 year warranty included

Milenco Solar by Optimate

Product Code: 4596

Extension Leads available separately (runs from Optimate unit to battery)

Product Code: 5593 - Optimate 180cm / 6ft Extension Lead

Product Code: 5616 - Optimate 460cm / 15ft Extension Lead

When a vehicle battery is left uncharged a process called battery sulfation occurs.

This is when sulphate builds up on the lead plates within the battery, this process starts almost immediately, and if left even over a relatively short period of time this sulphate will not only reduce battery performance, but dramatically shorten the life of the battery.

The only solution to remove sulphate from the lead plates and restore battery performance to is to use a Desulfating Deep Pulse Charger/Maintainer.

The Milenco Optimates are the world’s most efficient and advanced Desulfating Charger/Maintainers available.

This is the ideal product to protect, charge and maintain your recreational vehicle battery for those periods when the vehicle is not in use and you do not have mains power to plug into.

The worlds most advanced fully automatic solar battery care.

Can also be used on cars, caravans, motorhomes, vans, motorcycles and boats.

3 Year Warranty

Everything works better in your recreational vehicle with a healthy battery maintained by a Milenco Optimate.