NEW High Security Steering Wheel Lock +

NEW High Security Steering Wheel Lock +

The NEW + VERSION of the High Security Steering Wheel Lock comes supplied with 2 x Steering Wheel Soft Pads for enhanced steering wheel protection and a quality carry bag for safe storage. Also available separately.

We have taken a classic designed High Security Steering Wheel Lock which was originally approved to the Thatcham standard and completely re-engineered it, to enhance its security, so it would pass and exceed the Sold Secure Gold Automotive standard, which is 2 and half times tougher than the Thatcham Standard.

Following of the termination of the Thatcham security standard, which was only 2 minutes, attack tested. We have had this approved to the Gold Sold Secure standard which is far tougher test with an extreme 5 minutes, professional attack.

Now police recommended and approved by Secured by Design. Continuously improved and revised to fit the latest vehicles, this lock now fits all known vehicles up to the 2021 model year.

Sold Secure is the toughest security rating

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It is a highly visible and powerful theft deterrent.

We are confident this is the strongest and most secure steering lock ever made. It has a unique innovative design, that allows for fast and easy fitment in just a few seconds. It comes with 3 x High Security keys which are both durable and highly reliable.

This Steering Wheel Lock is 54.5cm long

Spare keys are available. (Please ensure you make a note of the key number)

Available in Yellow or Silver

Yellow Product Number : 6798

Silver Product Number : 6804

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It has exceptional quality features which include the best pick-proof, ultra-high security with a built in locking mechanism, steel construction to resist from sawing and freezing. The locking mechanism has been re-engineered making it far easier to line up and consequently much easier to fit.

The Milenco High Security Steering Wheel Lock comes complete with 3 keys and fits all vehicle steering wheels.

Please ensure you make a note of your key number (there are no master keys if you lose them).

Award Winning

  • Sold Secure Automotive Gold
  • Secured By Design Label Circle2

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My High Security Lock will not unlock

    Please ensure that the key is inserted fully, if the key has not been fully inserted it may cause the pins inside to misalign.

    To ensure the pins are re-aligned wiggle the key in and turn to the left and right until you can fully re-insert the key, then you will be able to unlock by turning the key to the right.

This product has been extensively tested by both Milenco, Sold Secure, Tass formerly known as SCM and has passed and exceeded every test performed.

This is a very high security product, tested to a professional caravan security standards. The Sold Secure Gold and SCM, TASS, SKG-IKOB MP03 standards are the highest and only professional standards in the world for caravan security.

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