Power 900 Antenna - for all Recreational Vehicles

Power 900 Antenna

When we develop new products, our aim is to make the best product possible that we would want to use when caravanning.

Our goal with this Antenna, was reception equal to or better than a directional Antenna but with all of the convenience of an omnidirectional.

On site you will still need to re-tune your television; however you can avoid the inconvenience of rotating the Antenna every time the caravan moves.

Nor do you need to push it up or pull it down.

Power 900 Antenna

Product Code: 4275

This is the largest and most powerful omnidirectional Antenna ever made for a caravan with an exceptional 38 db gain.

So if you are on site and cannot get a good reception, see if you can find a caravan with the Milenco Power 900 Antenna - then you can see just how good this Antenna really is. We designed this to out perform all other Antenna's and the Power 900 has already gained an exceptional reputation for outstanding performance in remote low signal areas, such as the New Forest in the UK, Iceland and in outback area's of Australia.

4G Compatible - This means your television picture will not be affected when the 4G Telephone Network is being used nearby. (Older Antennae may receive interference from 4G Network)

Power Digital Television Reception

Roof Mounted 360 Degree Reception

Complete with Leads and Variable Gain Amplifier

4G Compatible

Large Base (can be used to cover old Antenna mounting holes)


Top Diameter 48cm

Base Diameter 26cm

Height: 32cm

High Quality ABS Plastic and Stainless Steel Screws

Amplifier Included

3 Year Guarantee

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