Blue Carpetina

Blue Carpetina

Genuine Carpetina Classic is the ultimate awning floor covering for your Recreational Vehicle.

Woven awning carpets are now the fastest selling. We are flattered at all of the imitations of Carpetina, however this is the original breathable woven awning carpet with unsurpassed performance.

Sizes                                             Product Code

2M X 2.5M                                      2806

2.75M X 2.5M                                 2837

3M X 2.5M                                      1755

4M X 2.5M                                      1205

5M X 2.5M                                      1212

6M X 2.5M                                      1229  

7M X 2.5M                                      1472

Keep your grass greener with Carpetina.

In tests Carpetina has consistently out performed all other awning carpets in preservation of your grass.

It is designed not to soak up dampness. It is comfortable and easy to clean - just rinse it out. It is produced using a special lightweight, woven material which makes it easier to handle and with this design it means you do not get worm casts and is very easy to store. We think this is the best awning carpet money can buy.

Also available in GreyGreen and Red in the following sizes

2M, 2.75M, 3M, 4M, 5M, 6M, 7M  All lengths by 2.5M wide.

To clean: Use a sponge, soft brush or a hose with warm soapy water

Do not machine wash, wring out, or use a power wash, as this may cause damage to the Carpetina.

Club Site Approved.