Brake Lock

Brake Lock

This classic designed Brake Lock has been engineered to offer additional, strong mechanical security and act as a theft deterrent against vehicle theft which is unfortunately increasing, due to the ease of which standard fit electronic components, can now be overcome by readily available devices.

This product locks the steering wheel to the brake pedal or clutch pedal to very effectively immobilise the vehicle.

The Brake Lock is manufactured with hardened steel to prevent cutting by hacksaw.

It is a highly visible and powerful theft deterrent.

This product offers a good level of security, in order to thwart thefts of your vehicle by electronic methods.

It has a classic proven design, that allows for fast and easy fitment in just a few seconds.

The lock comes with 2 keys.

Spare keys are available. (Please ensure you make a note of the key number)

Product Number : 0475

For Brake Lock fitting video click here

It has exceptional quality features which include a built in locking mechanism, hardened steel construction to resist attack from sawing and freezing. The locking mechanism is well engineered and will give years of reliable service.

The Milenco Classic Brake Lock comes complete with 2 keys and fits all vehicle steering wheels, brake pedals and or clutch pedals where appropriate.

Please ensure you make a note of your key number (there are no master keys if you lose them). You can order spare keys by contacting or calling 01568 620 444